Design to completion

Let’s start at the beginning ... you know what you would like and you know what you don’t like! We can take that initial starting point and show you what could work in your space – concentrating not only on the finished visual concept from the outside, but take into consideration all the working elements of you and your staff's working day.

Working very closely with you and your aspirations, we will create a project bespoke to your business that really showcases your stunning jewellery. After all... the aim is to show off your diamonds not our cabinets!

Using our design and craftsmen skills we work through a process beginning with design drawings providing layout plans with initial ideas, then we can present a 3D version should you feel it’s needed to discuss with other team members, as not everyone can read plans easily.

Over the years we have built up a trustworthy and competent group of tradesmen that we bring into the working project. John and Mike would always be the main contact on site, so decisions can be dealt with fast so the whole project keeps moving quickly.

Your shop window is Architectural joinery -

It is important to also remember that your shop window and exterior is the initial connection for those undiscovered potential new customers. Investing in the interior is not maximised if the outside is not working so think about your potential new customers outside walking past or looking in... you need them to stop and be drawn in, don't let them wander off somewhere else and go shopping!

So take some time to consider if your shop front is working for you. With our qualified joinery craftsmanship we have replaced numerous complete shopfronts and the finished result is an amazement to everyone.

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