Glass bonding and display pods

We have developed a keen interest in the glass bonding techniques over the years as the increased demand for this practical modern look blends seamlessly with natural look of timber, thus enhancing your displays within the cases.

We have a bonding area here at the workshop to cater for small aspects and larger projects are contracted out to our trusted supplier.

You can have a choice of using a low iron glass, which has no green colouration on the edges, giving a clearer look to the glass edges of pods and boxes.

All the glass is toughened and varying in thickness dependant on application, there is no end to the shapes, sizes and designs we can pull together with you.

Beautiful curved glass UV bonded display counters

Beautiful curved glass UV bonded display counters

Within reason, you can have any size and shape glass.Curved or straigh, round or square.

So your counters can be made to fit any space and created to make sure they are user friendly as your customer service is paramount to us.

We understand that work spaces are very different, old buildings are quircky and landlords can be restricting.