Display Cabinets and Counters

We really enjoy being able to offer a variety of ways to make sure you are inspired to achieve the finished scheme you had dreamt of. Very often people already have trusted tradesmen that they work with and would like to continue using on the proposed new project.

If your project does not require a bespoke design, then you might want to look at our wattsdesignonline website for quick and easy to buy display cabinets and counters off the shelf.


A decision you will need to make at the beginning is whether;


  • YOU want to design your cabinets and we make them for you, arrange delivery and you organise the fitting and any other contractors that might be needed, such as electrician, decoration etc.
  • WE design your bespoke display cabinets with you and bring them to you to fit,  leaving you to organise any other contractors that will be needed such as electrician, decoration etc.
Either way...

Either way...

However you decide to proceed with any future display and shopfitting projects, it can be truly bespoke to represent your personal styling to really show off your full product range in your store to satisfy your customers.



How about renting display cabinets?

How about renting display cabinets?

We have a range of display units that we are able to rent out - either long term or short term hire.Visit Watts Display for a bit more information or call us.At £80.00 per week it could be a quick solution that looks high class for an exhibition or trade fair.

Special offers

We have a range of second hand or pre-loved display cabinets and counters in store most of the time.

Call us for more information on 01598 710215

We will be adding a page to view these in the near future... so keep checking back to see if we have anything available that might suit your store.