Customer charter

Every bespoke shop refurbishment or installation is the result of a strong collaboration between the designer and client. Here at Watts Design, we fully encourage a good honest and open relationship to achieve complete satisfaction.

We aim to work with you very closely to work out exactly how your retail space will work best for you and your customers. After all, long after we are gone, it is your customers that we want to keep choosing to shop with you!

Making the time spent with us at the beginning of the refurbishment project, crucial in reflecting the character and taste of you and your valuable customers.

What you can expect from us...

What you can expect from us...

Once you have made the first call to us expressing an interest in working with our team, that is exactly what you can expect - team work!

If we are fortunate to work together you can be sure to recieve a very personal service from conception, through construction right to completion.